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Does at Silvergate Farms all share one particular fate. They have to raise their babies and be good mothers.."out in the pasture". In Central Texas, that can be pretty tough to do. (In 2011 REAL tough to do) We want easy keepers with that "Momma's" instinct.  The only time they get "special" treatment is during kidding season with cold, wet weather. We move them to the Livestock Center and use heat lamps (for newborn's). Access to the outdoors is available as we want the momma's to take their babies out into the sun as soon as possible. Too much heat lamp time can do as much damage as no heat lamp time. Natural sunlight is as good as it gets. Goats with poor mothering ability go directly to a sale barn without papers. If these does are not good enough for us to keep, they will not be in our production sale.
What is that green stuff ???